In February of 1999 at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Precision Concrete was presented with 3 safety awards from ASCC. The American Society of Concrete Contractors is an organization dedicated to the promotion of concrete construction, with several active committees promoting the concrete industry. The ASCC safety committee is active at a Federal level in bringing cutting edge information to the Federal Government as it considers safety issues for the construction industry. The ASCC Safety Committee evaluated Precision Concrete’s Safety Program, and determined it to be an award winning program.

In June of 1999, Precision Concrete achieved another milestone in Safety. The Association of Builders and Contractors, awarded Precision Concrete with the Platinum Safety Award. This award is the result of several years of effort in qualifying for the Platinum Status. Precision Concrete has had the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Safety Awards from ABC. Due to a diligent effort to improve our safety program, Precision Concrete now has a Platinum Safety Award.

Precision Concrete continued to develop our safty program and culture and in August of 2006 we were approved for participation in OSHA’s VPP mobile workforce star demonstration for all worksites. Precision Concrete was the first concrete contractor in the nation to be approved for this program. As a participant Precision Concrete will be exempt from OSHA’s on site random inspections.